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Alphonse Elric

Where Soul Meets Body

1 April 1900
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Name Alphonse Elric
Age // 18 (Has stopped physically aging, placing him at 16 permanently.)
D.O.B // April 1st, 1900
Gender // Male
Occupation // Alchemist, Adstringéndum's Ombudsman
Height // 5'7"
Weight // Healthy; some muscle.
Hometown // Risembool
Relationship Status // Taken

Relationships || Contact/Plotting/HMD || Solve et Coagula/Alchemy/Pactio
Alphonse, even in passing, appears polite, mature and focused. He's adept at handling difficult situations, both emotional and eventful, and often becomes an anchor for those around him. Al is kindhearted, sweet, and often goes out of his way to help others, especially children and animals. It's nowhere near uncommon for him to find a kitten shivering in the rain and without a second thought, bring it home. Despite his gentleness and sentimentality there is nothing meek about Alphonse Elric. He is no less stubborn or determined than his brother, he just goes about it differently. He can just as easily deliver a reasoned explanation as a poignant silence - something about his insistent nature often gets him what he wants, though he sometimes resorts to motherly chiding when he's around those he knows and loves.

An exceptionally bright young man, Al has a good memory, a quick wit, and a decisive mind that can quickly assess details and apply solutions. He is extremely adaptable, though he lacks the "dynamic genius" quality he is quick to catch on to new ideas and use them.

By and large a happy person, he is still subject to brooding when left alone in his thoughts, but he finds it hard to stay depressed when busy with one thing or another.

Though he is generally good about maintaining a level head he can be easily pushed into losing his cool when those he loves are threatened. His anger is a slow burn rather than a short fuse.

In-Game Changes

Both Alphonse's sanity and innocence have been compromised a bit since coming here. In response to experience he's quite a bit more guarded and cynical, and it takes less for his not-so-nice side to come out. He's developed a slightly black sense of humor and is quicker to get more "adult" implications than before, and isn't always polite with certain people that get under his skin. Alphonse has been called on to be a community leader as well as a soldier, and to a certain extent, a commander. When under stress he can revert to a state of professional calm, capable of giving orders with the confidence of a seasoned adult. Intrigue and layers of agenda have made him not entirely forthcoming with everything, and he's adapted to keep everyone at a certain distance, sharing with them only parts of his life, to minimize their concern for him.

Al's developed a deep fear of abandonment and has frequent nightmares unless he isn't alone when he falls asleep -- aside from when he's battling insomnia. At some points he exhibits signs of being clinically depressed, and post-traumatic stress disorder. These symptoms only tend to surface around people he knows well or in stressful situations.

He's still the same old sweet, warm-hearted, gentle Al, but he'll react to certain things differently than before.

→ Extremely faint scarring on his neck, shoulder and inner arms (claw and bite marks)
→ Small round scar above left eyebrow (bullet)
→ Scarred knuckles (glass and a bite)
→ Gouge scar on the outside of his left calf (crossbow bolt)
→ Spiderwebbing of faint scars from his right wrist to his elbow.

Appearance Note: Al's been growing his hair for over three years. It's nearly down to his hips, so he wears it in a braid or ponytail to keep it from getting everywhere. He almost always dresses in conservative layers, and rarely wears anything tight or form-fitting. Jeans, hiking books and sweaters are most common. Almost all outfits cover his neck. He has Itachi's Akatsuki ring that hops from thumb to thumb depending on what he's working on.
Alphonse was born and had his early childhood in the rural village of Risembool. He was born to Trisha Elric and a man named Hohenheim, and is a year younger than his brother Edward Elric. Hohenhiem, an alchemist of no little talent, left the family when Alphonse was just toddling about, so he has near to no memories of his father. Al's childhood was a happy one, filled with running around with his brother and their friend, Winry Rockbell, a girl from down the lane. He and his brother began studying alchemy as a hobby when they found their mother encouraged it. When Al was nearly seven his mother died of an unknown illness, leaving him and his brother orphaned. They were taken in by Winry Rockbell's grandmother, Pinako.

It wasn't long after that that Edward proposed the idea that, using alchemy, they bring their mother back to life - even though it was supposedly impossible. Knowing they required training to be capable of attempting such a feat the boys begged apprenticeship to Izumi Curtis, who took them in. The training was strict and included martial arts as well as alchemical study. It was merciless, and forced them to learn or perish in the attempt. They emerged from the training tough, seasoned, and forces to be reckoned with, at the ages of nine and ten.

Then came the fateful night of the transmutation. Once the reaction began, Alphonse was the first to be effected by it. His body was pulled apart by the Gate, disintegrating before his brother's eyes even as he reached for him. For a time, all Al knew was darkness, but he soon awoke to find Edward bleeding and nearly unconscious... and realized what had become of him. He was no longer a human boy. He was a soul attached to a suit of armor.

Even after the horrible injury of losing his left leg to the Gate, Edward then gave up his right arm - just to bind Al's soul to the armor, to give him a chance to steal their lives back. They then began their journey in search of the Philosopher's Stone; a nearly mythical substance created by alchemy that would allow them to bypass the laws of the Gate, and in return for the Stone, regain their original bodies.

In this journey, which included Ed's joining of the military for access to information as well as the power and funding that would make their search easier, Al became extremely close to his brother. Edward became his link to the world and his reason for living and fighting. The bond was mutual, and was often tested and strengthened for it. In the search for the Philosopher's Stone, Ed and Al came to realize that they were not the only ones who coveted its power, and were drawn into a struggle much larger than their own goals. They began to fight for not only themselves, but those they loved, and their country as well.

Through an accident that killed hundreds of men, a Stone was formed inside of Alphonse's metal body, making him a walking time bomb of alchemical power, just waiting to go off. They were captured, Edward killed, and Alphonse, with the power of the Philosopher's Stone housed within him, had no choice but to cling to desperate hope that he could bring him back...
Alphonse Elric is a roleplayed character written by monday_is_fired for adstringendum, a multi-fandom RPG.

The character Alphonse Elric is a product of Hiromu Arakawa and BONES. This journal and the content thereof is fanmade, and no profit is happening.

Profile art banner thanks to the lovely Renea.

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Alphonse has died once in Adstringéndum, and I'd like to keep it that way unless there is a very pressing reason it would further the plot. As for plotting, I'm always up for it! The best way to reach me is through my AIM, and never be shy, I don't bite. Any permissions can be asked about, but I'm very flexible as to what can and can't be done.